Adwa and Its legacy has resonated in the hearts of all Africans over the generations, striving for dignity and nationalism. “ADWA- Through art “ is an attempt to portray and remind our readers about this powerful event through Ethiopian and European art. A detailed analysis and interpretation of Adwa require a series of books, this AP Edition is only a “thumbnail” of picture of Adwa, past, and present and future endeavor.

““The Battle of Adwa”The Italian dream was turned into a nightmare, The Italians deafted
and retreated with humiliation. On the other hand, the battle put Ethiopia on the map of the modern world and had ramifications that are still being felt today by her own populace and by other African people everywhere. Adwa’s timeless impact on Ethiopians’ identity and self-consciousness, the spirit, ethos, heroism, dignity, resistance and freedom from alien rule, dignified and noble, all of which, constitute integral parts of the Ethiopian psyche.